Meet Our New Homeowners

We specialize in providing homeownership opportunities to low and moderate income families to help revitalize the communities.

Pana, IL

CCDC CEO Meggann Bell, Homeowner Brad and CCDC Realty Managing Broker Wendi Rensing. Brad worked hard to save money for a down payment. He and Wendi worked together to find one of the best local lenders and he is now a homeowner!

Pana, IL

CCDC Realty Managing Broker Wendi Rensing, CCDC CEO Meggann Bell, John, Hannah, their two children and Peoples Bank lender Joani Jones. Hannah and John have worked towards the financial goal to be self-sustaining and provide for their family. Congratulations!

New Homeowner Cushing

Athens, IL

Charlene, Harry and daughter Charry came to CCDC Realty Managing Broker Wendi Rensing, wanting to purchase a home for moderate income families. A group effort was made by CCDC Housing Manager Casey Blakeley, CCDC Director of Community Relations Anne Smith, Tony Davis the Insurance Agent with AHRMA and Windsor Development Project Manager Matt Frisch to rebuild this home to accommodate the buyers ADA requirements, after the home had suffered a fire in the summer of 2020.

Menard County Housing generously installed and donated the wheelchair ramp. Charlene and Harry have been married for 55 years and have 7 children.  Helping achieve their goal of homeownership and accommodating their needs could not be more rewarding!

Athens, IL

CCDC Director of Community Relations Anne Smith and Alexis, who was a first time Homebuyer and also our first in Menard County. She worked with Pam Spoor on credit counseling to make the dream of homeownership possible! 

New Homeowner Alexi

Taylorville, IL

CCDC Realty Managing Broker Wendi Rensing, CCDC CEO Meggann Bell and CCDC Attorney Ted Graham worked with Pam who was our first homebuyer of our Homeownership program. Pam was a wonderful tenant of CCDC for 8 years. She worked hard on her credit to achieve the goal of homeownership! 

New Homeowner Pam